Company Profile

YMN Tanker

YMN Tanker Marine Management Inc. (YMN Tanker Deniz İşletmeciliği A.Ş.) was founded in 2012 to provide technical and commercial management of 6 marine line Oil/Chemical tankers. The fleet was expanded in 2017 with an additional 4 vessels. There are 13 Chemical/Oil tankers under management at the moment. 

The Company is focused on technical and crew Management and Chartering of vessels in the Specialty/Chemical tanker segment. The Company plans to strategically expand the fleet by continuing to offer quality ship management services to third party owners.  Our primary objective is to manage and operate the fleet in a safe, responsible manner thereby maximizing returns to our stakeholders as freight rates fluctuate through the shipping cycle. The Company will continually develop as a provider of safe, efficient and reliable transportation which meets or exceeds customers’ expectations by delivering safe and reliable performance.